If Christmas season in America is in full swing right about now, it’s also open season on groups of people who want to “keep Christ in Christmas”. In some countries people often use “X-mas” as a way to denote Christmas. Elsewhere in the world, “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” are used as a catch-all.  As […]

‘Twas the night before umm… Thanksgiving. I know.  It doesn’t sound as appetizing as saying “‘Twas the night before Christmas”.  While the Thanksgiving table may conjure up images of formerly ugly birds and presently uglier political conversations, it almost seems perfunctory for many Christians to put on their “Thank You” hats and blithely waltz through […]

Long before the Instant Pot became an Instant Hit, there was a less-glamorous device I owned, that accomplished pretty much the same thing in its own spartan way.  Yes, there’s nothing new under the sun or apparently under my own roof, either.  This rather pedestrian older cousin of the modern marvel was simply, the pressure […]

One of the fascinating races of track and field competitions includes the mid and long-distance races – the endurance races. The athletes are all working off a time-tested strategy to stay with the core leader group for nearly the whole race. Nearly.  And then the bell tolls to signal that there is only one more […]

Darkness. Not your run-of-the-mill darkness. Not your twenty-four hour cycle darkness: light followed by darkness followed by light. Not your metaphorical darkness: the darkest time is right before daybreak. Not just any old darkness. This was a special, stunning, and supernatural darkness. A darkness “throughout the land”, not caused by a temporary cloud, a setting […]

My youngest son, Silas, is a curious child filled with the anticipated thrills of adventure and mischief. I could easily describe him as naughty, but my euphemistic rendering offers the soft halo of fairness I think he deserves. Did I say he was my youngest? Inside our home we use footwear to keep our feet […]

History is a great informer of human behavior. The way we are and the way we behave has not changed all that much over the ages, contrary to what sociologists or cultural evolutionists would have us believe. Social constructs and mores may have outwardly changed, but that is hardly a barometer of the inward proclivities […]